Nothing is taking participants two months before getting help of all the money provided for help earlier.

7.5% per week, for four weeks gives 30% growth of your Mavro

How It Works

if you PH 100K today, it turns green & ready for withdrawal immediately after all payments have been confirmed.

This could be in one day of payment, it could be two days depending on how fast your payments are confirmed.

For example, if you PH 100,000 you are supposed to GH 130K in 30 days and that is what you Will GH but only at different intervals within 30 days. That is N32,500 per week, and you will GH this amount 4 time in 4 weeks instead of one time withdrawal.

But everything is still within 30 days .

The most important thing to note is that after the first week of withdrawal from mavros the money still grows, that’s to say you GH weekly growth of your mavros 7.5% per week of your Mavro instead of accumulating it till the end of 30 days to get 30% but now you GH 7.5% per week up to the 4th week… which still  sumb up 30%

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