JAMB Recommended Textbooks For Islamic Studies. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has released the list of recommended textbooks for the upcoming 2018/2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

It is recommended that each student seating for the examination should have this textbooks so as to prepare him/her for the examination. This textbook will form the scheme of work for setting of the examination questions. The recommended textbooks for Islamic Studies are listed below:

JAMB Recommended Textbook For Islamic Studies

1. Abdul, M.O.A. (1976) Studies in Islam Series Book 3, Lagos: IPB

2. Abdul, M.O.A. (1982) Studies in Islam Series Book 2, Lagos: IPB

3. Abdul, M.O.A. (1988)The Classical Caliphate, Lagos: IPB

4. Abdulrahman and Canham (n.d) The Ink of the Scholar, CUPAli, A.Y. (1975), The Holy Qur’an Text: Translation and Commentary Leicester The Islamic Foundation

5. Ali, M.M. (Undated) The Religion of Islam, Lahore

6. Doi, A. R. I (1997) Shariah: The Islamic Law; Kuala Lumpur: Noordeen

RECOMMENDED  JAMB Recommended Textbooks For Use of English 2018/2019 (UPDATED)

7. Hay Kal, M. (1982) The Life of Muhammad (SAW), Academic Press

8. Lemu, A. (1992) Methodology of Primary Islamic Studies, Lagos: IPB

9. Lemu, A. (1993) Islamic Studies for SSS Books 1, Lagos: IPB

10. Lemu, A. (1993) Islamic Studies for SSS Books, Minna: IET

11. Muhammad, S. Q. (2010) al-Burhanu fi tajwidil Qur’an Cairo: Shirkatul-Qudus

12. Opeloye, M.O. (1996) A Dictionary of Peoples and Places in the Qur’an, Lagos: Academic Press

13. Philips, A. A. B. (1997) Usool at-Tafseer, Kuala Lumpur: Noordeen

14. Quadri, Y.A. et al (1990) Al-Iziyyah for the English Audience, Ijebu Ode: Shebiotio Publication

15. Rahim, A. (1992) Islamic History, Lagos: IPB

16. Sambo, M.B. et. Al (1984) Islamic Religious Knowledge for WASC Book 1, Lagos: IPB

17. Sambo, M.B. et. Al (1984) Islamic Religious Knowledge for WASC Book 3, Lagos: IPB

18. Trimingham, J.S. (1993) A History of Islam in West Africa, Oxford, OUP

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