The N-Power programme has now activated a new defense and security mechanism called the Captain N-Power to all existing and prospective NPower beneficiaries. The Captain N-Power is designed to catch all existing beneficiaries who are earning from other employments and also the N-Power programme.

The goals for establishing N-Power programme are

  1. To intervene and directly improve the livelihood of a critical mass of young unemployed Nigerians
  2. To develop a qualitative system for the transfer of employability, entrepreneurial and technical skills
  3. Create an ecosystem of solutions for ailing public services and government diversification policies
  4. To develop and enhance Nigeria’s knowledge and economy.

But all these are been hindered somehow by some of these issues in the system which Captain N-Power will be fixing. While thousands of unemployed graduates are outside there with no payment or employment, one volunteer corps member is there receiving one that
one stipends monthly. This is why captain N-Power is designed to fish such volunteer member.
Recall that during your online registration, physical verification, online verification and updating of profile, you were asked to provide your BVN number,  Oh yes, which you did that is why you have been receiving your monthly stipends.
That is the strategy employed by Captain N-Power, since your BVN links to thousands of your bank account, Captain N-Power will use this means to monitor the cash flow into your different accounts
and fish out others that have other white collar jobs.
Funny enough, some oil workers, bankers, government agencies etc also earn from their respective works and from N-Power while other do not earn any penny.
So if you are an N-Power existing beneficiary, at the same time earning from other employment, its either you exit the programme today or quit from the current job before you fall into Captain N-Power’s Net.

This new policy will help to remove individuals earning from other source and give room for more job creation for the unemployed youth.
The primary Aim of Captain N-Power is to Fish out Beneficiaries Earning from Other Employment

Captain N-Power which has been activated will expose beneficiaries earning from other employment

What Does Your Payment Status Mean / Why You Are Yet To Receive Your Npower Monthly Stipends

Payment On Hold

Volunteers who were absent from their place of work when visits were made have their payments on hold. The affected volunteers should beyond reasonable doubts prove the reason for the absence


There are volunteers who missed the physical verification exercise. In other to resolve this issue, volunteers are to provide the following evidence:

  1. Proof of Age Certificate between 18-35 (35 as at December, 2016)
  2. Proof of NYSC certificate
  3. Proof of Degree certificate from a recognized tertiary institution
  4. Posting letter
  5. Affidavits sworn after March 2017 is not eligible
  6. NCE holders should provide their NCE certificates


They are volunteers who were disqualified from Npower because they did not meet the necessary criteria (Age, employment etc), or their documents were inconsistent. Affected volunteers are to provide the following credentials/evidence:

  1. Proof of Age Certificate between 18-35 (35 as at December, 2016)
  2. Proof of NYSC certificate / statement of result from a recognized tertiary institution
  3. Posting letter
  4. Affidavits sworn after March 2017 is not eligible

Account Non-Nuban

Volunteers who have issues with the account number provided to Npower need to go to their bank and rectify their issues and revert with a bvn slip

Account With Unmatched BVN

Volunteers who have BVN on their profile, which is not linked to the account number provided, should report to the bank and link the BVN with the provided account number or provide an account number that is linked with the BVN.

Name Unmatched

Volunteers whose name on the NPVN profile is not the same as the name on their BVN slip

If you are affected by any of the reasons mentioned above, kindly get scanned copies of your relevant credentials/evidence and send them to Npower official email address



Commences immediately after you’re Preselected.
To physically verify, mean we are in partnership with National Orientation Agency, and National Youth Service Corps. You’re verified at your local government of residence.

Types of N-power Verification

  1. Age Verification to make sure that you’re still within the ages of 18-35 as at the
    time of physical verification.
  2. Qualification Verification to make sure you’re graduate you claimed you are.
  3. NYSC Discharge Certificate. Those who applied with OND, NCE are exempted from
  4. Residential Verification. You’re verified to be sure you reside in that community. This is a programme where we deploy you based on your state of residence, because it’s a programme you’re expected to contribute to the development of your community.
  5. Employment verification. This is a programme for the unemployed.
    Note that if you’re employed you’d be disqualified.
    That’s the essence of physical verification.

Good Luck!!! 

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