Now that the physical verification exercise for the 2017 applicants have been completed, the next phase in the Npower recruitment process is the final selection of applicants who were successful in the physical verification exercise exercise conducted across all the local government secretariats in the nation.

To know if your verification is successful, you will be notified. All successful applicants data will be sent to each state focal person and to desk officers in various states, the list will then be published at verious ministries (health, education-SUBEB, Agriculture) for N-health, N-Teach & N-Agro respectively. The list will contain each volunteer’s primary place of assignment (PPA).

All verified applicants will be notified to go and check their names and collect deployment letter to their PPA for acceptance. The head at each PPA will issue assumption of duty letter and thereafter the volunteer will start duty. This is expected to begin fully by January. Update of back account details on the NPVN profile will begin fully and easily accessible by January as well. The update is to ensure your details are correctly entered on your profile. This is to say that payment of 2017 volunteers will begin in January then as they will be posted to begin work by then.

I will advise all volunteers to keep all information confidential to avoid any Internet fraudsters having access to your NPVN profile. Also ensure you contact Npower support through the official channels in case you need any assistance. Volunteers whose names are not in the physical verification master list used during the physical screening exercise but received congratulatory SMS and also saw their name in the Preselection portal should see their state focal person and define their complaint properly. The focal person will collect each volunteer’s details and forwards such to Abuja for your consideration. This is particularly volunteers on the 2016 awaiting list and some 2017 volunteers in the same shoe. Ensure you follow this directive as to be considered.

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